IPL Laser Hair Removal

What is IPL Treatment

Excessive or unsightly facial and body hair can be upsetting for woment and difficult or inconvenient to remove. Laser hair removal is a rapid, yet gentle way of removing unwanted hair. It is medically proven to give you permanent hair reduction with no side effects. Statistics show that 80-95% of targeted hair are permanently gone after the recommended cours of treatments.

How IPL Hair removal works

The machine has a unique dual phase pulse which is designed to provide efficient destruction of hair follicles. It removes hair by sending out high-energy light pulses. There are actually two beams of light, one yellow and one red, which together affect both the existing hair and the follicles where the hair grows. IPL works best at removing hair when it’s in the active growth phase. But not all the hair in the treatment area will be in this phase at any given time. So we spread our IPL treatments out over a period of time. This is to make sure that hair which isn’t treated in one session is affected in the next. The way hair grows is slightly different for everyone, so we tailor our treatment to suit you.

Your Initial Consultation

If you decide you want to find out more, the next step is to come in for free consultation or you can also call us on our phone numbers. Ask any questions you might have. Our highly trained and qualified staff will give you best advice.

Your IPL Treatment

The IPL treatment itself is very straightforward. You'll lie on a couch o bed and make your self comfortable. The trained staff runs the small handheld machine over the specified area. As the laser is passsed over the area being treated, the hairs are destroyed, reducing further growth and leaving a silky smooth skin. The process duration depends on the area being treated.

Will it Pain

The whole process is virtually painless.

We can provide laser hair removal treatments for a wide variety of different hair and skin types and colors.